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In many vibrant cities’ condominiums make the ideal place to live. A condominium or condo is a type of living space similar to apartments, but it is independently sellable and falls in real estate. One of the great things about buying a condo is that it requires less maintenance, and when there is a need to do repairs, the cost responsibility is usually divided among the individual owners.
The homeowner association’s responsibility (HOA) is to handle the maintenance outside the unit’s wall. Many buyers think that doing condo inspection is unnecessary because the condo corporation will cover most issues. However, this is a misconception that can leave the owners to spend extra money in the end.

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Things That Are Covered in an Condominium Inspection

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Premium Home Inspection’s inspectors help you to make a more informed decision about the property’s value and health. You can also ask our inspectors any question or advice.


Like a house, a condo is a costly purchase, and it needs to be evaluated by professionals to get to know about its condition.
Premium Home Inspections has a team of qualified personnel who guide you properly about the type of inspection you should go for, and they perform a proper assessment of the unit.


Our trained inspectors use a rigorous inspection protocol to evaluate the issues of the condo unit you might have. You can count on us for the experience and thorough inspection of your property. Our qualified experts have gone through training and testing and received their certification. Our inspectors provide a proper assessment, check the structural damage and electrical system malfunction, and provide all the necessary information to keep the unit safe from future hazards. 
Premium Home Inspections does a detailed assessment of the unit and provides you a clear report containing all the information about the systems, expected life anticipation, and when you would need to spend money to repair or replace them. After the complete condo inspection, the report is provided to you on the same day without any waiting. You can rely on us regarding the inspection of your condominium.

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