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Drone Inspection

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Drones are a useful tool, and the best thing about them is they make the difficult task very easy. Now that we have drones, there is no need to climb up on tall buildings to inspect the roof’s condition.

Going up on the home’s roof once a year doesn’t seem like a difficult task, and the need for drone service doesn’t seem that necessary. But if your work line involves roof inspection, if you are a broker or real estate agent, or if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, you should prefer using a drone service instead of putting your life at risk.

Moreover, inspecting the roof in an old fashion way can also be very time-consuming. The families who want the inspection of the roof to be done efficiently without any error should take drone inspection services.

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Benefits of Drone Inspection

We at Premium Home Inspections provide you with drone roof inspection services that can be beneficial to you in the following ways.

  • Estimating the Value of Real Estate

Real estate agents and homeowners require a proper home inspection to look at the property’s condition and estimate the selling price. Detailed roof inspection helps determine the damaged areas that might need to repair to boost the sales.

Our experts provide efficient roof inspection services that help homeowners and real estate agents know about the roof condition and estimate the time for which the roof will last before it needs a repair.

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  • Estimating Roof Repairing Cost

Physically climbing up on the roof is not that difficult for a professional expert, but the risk might not be worth the effort if the negotiation of selling the house is still in process. (Name of the company) professionals provide an accurate estimate of the roof’s repairing cost after inspection.

Moreover, our professional drone pilots craft a highly detailed inspection report by camera drones that can be very beneficial for the homeowners in their house selling process.

  • Insurance Claim Confirmation

In the areas where natural disasters like tornados and typhoons happen a lot, homeowners usually prefer to inspect the roof’s condition afterward to make insurance claims on the roof damage.

In such a condition, there will be several homeowners claiming roof insurance. Climbing up on several houses can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Therefore, we use the technology of camera drones to make work less complicated and more efficient.

Why Use a Camera Drone for Roof Inspection?

Following are some of the right reasons why Premium Home Inspections uses camera drones for a roof inspection.


The first reason why the professionals of Premium Home Inspections use drone inspection is it is very safe. Using a drone, we eliminate the risk of injuries that are more likely to happen in roof climbing. Studies have also reported various deaths and injuries in the roof inspection industries.


Inspecting several roofs in a day using the old climbing method makes the work less efficient and consumes more time. The inspectors have to take a lot of pictures and manual measurements with a risk of walking on a damaged roof.

Using a drone for inspection allows our professionals to finish the job three times faster than using the old method. Moreover, this enables us to provide more detailed roof inspection reports.

Less Equipment and Manpower

In the old method, roof inspectors will have to bring many types of equipment like ladders, cameras, ropes, and measuring tapes to perform a detailed home inspection.

On the other hand, our drone-based roof inspectors visit the site with just a drone. It is logistically simpler to do the roof inspection using the drone, and it is fast and cheap.


By hiring the services of our professionals, you will get benefits like inspection through high-resolution cameras. These high-resolution cameras allow us to look at the photos and videos deeply. Moreover, our professionals are highly qualified and have expertise in inspecting the roofs and making a detailed report using a professional camera drone.

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