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Frequently Asked Questions

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A Home Inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the major components and systems of the house. These include but are not limited to Exterior, Interior, Roofing, Attic, Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning, Windows and Major Appliances. The Home Inspector checks all the systems of the house for their normal operations and life expectancy. He also points out any issues, deficiencies or potential concerns and recommend corrective procedures. A Home Inspection is not intended to provide any warranty or serve as an appraisal. The inspector is trained to visually identify the defects and recommend an action or further evaluation.

Every real estate transaction is subject to satisfactory home inspection, unless the condition is removed willfully by the buyer. Having your house inspected from a professional Home Inspector means protecting your largest investment from unwanted surprises, giving you and your family a peace of mind. Any house, no matter how new or old it is, can have dozens of defects, most of these defects are invisible for untrained eye and can only be picked by a professional.

Your uncle Joe who used to be a contractor in 90’s could be best in what he used to do but for your house you need a professional home inspector who is up to date with the latest home building techniques and the materials that are used in today’s construction. You need someone with all the latest tools and technology to provide you with all the information you need in order to make an informed decision; Few other things to ask your home inspector are as following

How much experience does he has?

Is he doing it full time?

Does he carry professional liability insurance?

Does he know the area?

Which tools does he use?

Is he a member of local home inspection association?

Does he provide a comprehensive report?

It is extremely important to select a qualified professional for this job. Someone you can trust for the biggest purchase of your life.

There is no such requirement but it is always recommended to attend the home inspection for the house that you are about to call your home. It is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the systems of the house. It is also a chance for you to ask as many questions as needed to make your self comfortable and gain the knowledge about the house.

The key with inspecting and buying an older home is to gather as much information as possible about the condition and maintenance needs of the house. This information can be used to determine how much will be required to update or remediate the house. Older homes typically have more problems, when it comes to a home inspection. For instance, support posts and beams have been subjected to more years of dirt and grime and are often more susceptible to rot, mold and termite (or other vermin) infestation. Older homes may also have exposed or hidden knob-and-tube wiring which is an older wiring type that can be prone to fraying and starting electrical fires. Also, alder homes have two-prong or ungrounded outlets, they are not compatible with modern gadgets and appliances.

Home Inspection is a visual inspection of the property. It is based on the existing and apparent condition of the property as of the time and date of the inspection. It is not a building code inspection, tittle examination, nor By-law compliance inspection. It is not an environmental review or energy audit. The Inspector will however check the systems of the house from health and safety perspective and will recommend the corrective measures accordingly.

The Home Inspection usually takes between two to three hours based on the size and age of the house. At the end of the inspection you will receive a detailed Home Inspection Report with high-quality images of every finding, defect or maintenance item. The report will help you to make an informed decision about the house you are buying. The report also serves as a base line for future improvements to the house.

Sometimes sellers are proactive and in order to sell the house quick they get the Pre-listing Inspection done on the house. A Pre-listing inspection, if done by a reputable home inspector, can be trusted by the buyer. Home Inspection Reports are usually unbiased and provide the actual condition of the house. Buyers can also contact the Home Inspector to find out more about his findings about the house.

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