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Infrared Thermal Imaging

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The home inspection is necessary to ensure that your house is in good condition and won’t need costly repairs. You surely would not want to buy a house that seems pretty to the eyes but is in a dire situation when you start digging it.

The home inspection industry has introduced the latest technology of thermal imaging for the inspection process. Thermal imaging is the process in which infrared pictures of different parts of the home are captured and used to ascertain the condition of the house.

Thermal imaging captures the radiation intensity that indicates the amount of heat on the surface. Different home surfaces have a different heat level that depends on their condition, which makes it easy for the inspectors to detect the fault.

Heat Loss Detection of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

Thermal Imaging Service by Premium Home Inspections

Premium Home Inspections provides you thermal imaging services that involve inspection of home integrity, electric inspection, plumbing inspection, HVAC, and installation inspection.

Following are some values that thermal inspection adds to the various parts of the home.

  • Structural Integrity of the Home

According to the legal requirements, it is necessary to inspect the structural integrity of the house. In the various methods of inspecting the integrity of the home, we find thermal imaging the best.


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In thermal imaging, pictures of various parts of the home are captured and scanned within no time to see if moisture is in the walls and ceiling. This process is fast, efficient, and easy to perform as thermal images will show different wet and dry areas.

When you inspect a house after its manufacturing, it becomes challenging to find the hidden areas. (Name of the company)  perform thermal imaging to examine the structure’s strength as it reveals the areas that need repair or has the wrong installation.

  • Inspection of the Electric System

We use thermal imaging to properly inspect the electric system to see for the damaged areas where the current flow is excessive. As it is the only method in which we can perform the inspection while the electric system continues to operate.

Thermal imaging captures the temperature change, and as the temperature of electric components is never subtle, the hot spots are easily detected by the infrared inspection.

We use infrared images to find out the areas with excess heat, which is the leading cause of the electric system’s damage. These damages can be a safety hazard and productivity loss.

  • Plumbing and Drainage Systems

Drainage and plumbing systems develop issues after being used for quite a while, and therefore before buying an old house, you should have them inspected through thermal imaging.

Moreover, if the house is new and hasn’t been inspected before, it becomes essential to inspect the drainage system to ensure it works properly.

By using the infrared thermal imaging process, we capture the images of pipes and determine their condition.

 Without thermal imaging, it becomes impossible to inspect the pipes, and if there are leaks in the drainage pipe, it will take a lot of time to detect them. So we use the thermal imaging process and see that the drainage system is working correctly.

  • Insulation System

Through thermal imaging, our professionals inspect the insulation system to find out the leaks that can be the reason for a massive increase in electricity bills.

The inspection of the insulation system becomes easy if the temperature is different inside the house from outside. For example, if the air inside the house is warmer than outside, it becomes easy for us to identify the leaks using infrared thermal imaging.


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