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When you are buying an old house, doing a home inspection is very obvious. Many people prefer doing a home inspection before buying the house to have a better idea about the condition of the house before committing to purchase it. 
However, doing the home inspection does not seem to be an obvious idea for a brand-new house to many people. Well, you should get a home inspection of the newly constructed house. Because contrary to what most people believe, new homes are not perfect.
Many purchases also have the concept in mind that builders are responsible for doing all the future repairs, and even if the builder is not doing them, a new home warranty will handle those issues. But it does not work like that.

new home warranty inspection

Things that Can Go Wrong with New House

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The new home warranty inspection is for any type of repairs, adjustments or safety concerns in the newly constructed house. This inspection, also known as pre delivery inspection or TARION warranty inspection is done a day or two before the closing of the new build house. Here are some of the major reasons for calling the Premium Home Inspections for the pre delivery inspection or before the buyer’s warranty expires

When to Get a New Home Inspection?

You can get the inspection of the house at any point. The new construction inspection focuses on identifying the incomplete items, construction defects, and other workmanship issues. Our company Premium Home Inspections provides efficient new home inspection services.


Like a house, a condo is a costly purchase, and it needs to be evaluated by professionals to get to know about its condition.
Premium Home Inspections has a team of qualified personnel who guide you properly about the type of inspection you should go for, and they perform a proper assessment of the unit.


Our team consists of qualified inspectors that have been working in construction and inspection for years. It is part of our duty to identify all the problems that can arise in new construction. Our company Premium Home Inspections helps identify and uncover all the incorrect installation and safety concerns during the construction process and after completing the project. We provide the most thorough inspection services and look at a wide variety of features in each inspection stage.

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