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If you are about to purchase a home with a swimming pool in it, you must not neglect its condition because the swimming pool’s safety is as important as the house’s safety. A pool adds to the value of the home and is represented as an essential feature. 
But a pool with poor condition can be a money pit for you. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proper inspection of the swimming pool with the house’s inspection at the time of purchase. It is essential to know about the inspection process and what you should be expecting from a professional pool inspector after the inspection.

Pool Inspection Process by Premium Home Inspections

Pool Safety: Our pool inspectors at (Name) ensure that your fun in the sun stays amusing and not worrisome. We check that the electrical wires are away from the pool and the walkway of the pool is not a hazard for slips and trips.
Pool Interior: Some pools have a Vinyl liner inside them. This device contains the water inside the pool and makes sure that it doesn’t seep out. Our inspectors check for the tears in the lining as they become very costly to repair.

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Pool Lighting: Most of the pools have lights inside them, and our inspectors inspect that these lights are modern LED bulbs and not old-fashioned. They also check for condensation inside the fixture of pool lighting, leading to mold and mildew growth.
Decking and Tiles of the Pool: The deck is the most critical area in the pool as a lot of action happens here. The lounging of the pool is so important as kids love to play and relax on the deck. The pool’s edge is also part of our inspection, as kids love to sit on the pool’s edge while dipping their toes in the water. Our inspectors also check the coping around the pool, which is usually about 12-18 inches wide and made-up of hard material like concrete, natural stones, or bricks. 
Yard: Our inspectors also check for the safety and quality issues around the pool. They check for the natural features to inspect the land that could affect your poolside engagement. Moreover, we check for the roof gutter position to ensure that the rain doesn’t go in the pool that often. 
Pool Pumps: Pumps are essential for your pool. Pool pumps circulate water to the filters and heaters to keep the water inside the pool warm and clean. If the pumps are not working, then the pool will not be used for long. Our professionals check the working of the pumps and the wiring as well to see that if it is solid or not. 
Pool Filters: Pool filters are used to clean and sanitize the water, and their absence can make the water dirty. Our inspectors check valves’ working that leads to the filters to know if they are working properly. Moreover, our team inspects the filters to ensure if they are placed accurately in their space. 
Pool Skimmers: Pool skimmers are used to draw the surface water and suck it through the filtration system. This water drawn through the skimmers is then made clean from the contaminants and debris. Pool inspectors inspect that skimmers are functioning properly and no debris like sunscreen, hair, and leaves are sinking to the bottom.


At Premium Home Inspections, we provide bundled services that will allow you to pay a lower price than usual for the pool inspection. Our pool inspectors are appropriately trained and certified. It is beneficial for you to hire a certified professional because they are worthy of paying as you can trust him.

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