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Pre-Listing Inspection

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Typically, in a real estate transaction, the buyer goes for a home inspection, but the seller can also get a professional assessment of their home before putting it into the market.
It is one of the many things that sellers can do to make their home sell faster and gain the buyer’s trust and also an advantage in the competitive market.
When you sell your house, you want the most out of your investment. Many sellers do not go for pre-listing home inspection, but they should, due to multiple important reasons.

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Why Should You Take Pre-Listing Inspection Service?

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If you are concerned that the poor buyer’s inspection report will break the deal, you must get a pre-listing inspection report to repair any major defects or issues and be surer about the property.

Limited Offers Due to Incorrect Pricing

If your home’s price is not according to the condition of the house, you will have a hard time attracting buyers. Even when the buyer makes the offer, finding out the hidden defects in the house can lead them to back out from the deal, affecting the value of your house. Therefore, doing a pre-listing inspection can be very helpful for all the sellers.

Make your property more marketable by pre-listing inspection and set your listing apart from the competition. Taking the services of a Premium Home Inspections will provide you more confidence about your house’s overall quality. Providing the inspection report to the potential buyer will increase their confidence towards the property, and the chances of them buying your property will be increased.

Tasks Covered in Pre-Listing Inspection


Selecting the right inspector for inspection of your house is a critical step. Choosing the right company provides you peace of mind and satisfaction.

Premium Home Inspections consists of qualified experts who conduct a detailed and thorough pre-listing home inspection. You can rely on us for the detailed examination of your house.


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