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Water Quality Testing


When you are about to buy a new house, it is important for you to do water testing. Although the public water systems are tested, these tests only check the water that has not left the treatment plant.

Once water leaves the plant, it passes through miles of piping, these pipes can contain lead, or they can be in poor condition, which can contaminate the water before it enters the home plumbing system.

Premium Home Inspections consist of a team of certified professionals who make sure that water in your home is of high-quality and is safe to consume.

Whether you are moving to a new house or have already been living here for a long time and just want to make sure if the water in your home is safe, our team of experts will assist you with your doubts.

We also inspect the source of abnormal order, color, and taste in the water and help remove the cause of concern. Not only does the low-quality water have an unpleasant smell and taste, but it is also linked with many Side effects.


Why Should You Do Water Testing?

If you have been living in a house, you and your family should drink safe and healthy water. If you are buying a new house, it is essential to test the quality of water to avoid health concerns in the future.  

If the water you are drinking is filled with contaminants, it can be harmful to your health. Water can be contaminated from the pipes of the home, which can also affect its tastes. Proper water testing allows the homeowners to discover the issues that are resulting in poor water quality so they can be addressed.

Our services

We at Premium Home Inspections offer you several water testing services depending upon the variable you would like to test for. We also provide you the digital water test report for you to keep and use prior to closing your new home.

The tests we offer include

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Basic Water Testing- In basic water testing, we perform a fast laboratory-precision screen test for the presence of copper, pH, lead.

Radon Water Screening- Radon is a carcinogen that is very hazardous for the organs and stomach. The safe level of radon in drinking water ranges from 300-10,000 pCi/L. The radon reporting provides clear identification of radon levels in water to ensure if the water is safe for consumption.

Standard Water Testing- In this testing, the total coliform, E. coli, Nitrates, Lead, Sodium, Hardness of waters, and the Heterotrophic plate count is checked.

FHA/VA Water Testing- In this test, you will receive the digitally signed letter from the laboratory along with the report and results. The test provides a certified analysis of Lead, Nitrate, Arsenic, E. coli bacteria, Coliform, and the presence of Arsenic.

We also provide our clients a comprehensive water test in which the presence of all the major toxic compounds, including Nitrate, Chloride, Sulfate, Calcium, Copper, Mercury, manganese, Selenium, Silver, Potassium, and other compounds, is checked along with the harness, turbidity and pH level of the water.


Our team of certified professionals at Premium Home Inspections have years of experience in home water testing, and we will provide you excellent service because the health of you and your family is our priority. You can contact us on this You can also call us on this +1 (647) 404 8338

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