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Well and Septic Inspection


If you are looking to buy a new house, you might think that the new house’s well and septic system is in good shape, but on inspection, you might realize that the home you are about to buy does not have a proper municipal water sewer system.

While making important decisions about the house, check the property’s septic or well system to ensure that the well’s water is safe for drinking and the septic system is maintained.

Malfunctioning of the septic system and well is associated with health risks to your family and the neighbors. These systems are also very expensive to repair. Therefore, you should consider inspecting all the systems before buying the house.

The well and septic system inspections have become critical components of the real estate, and with increased awareness among the homeowners and real estate agents, the need for these inspections is increasing, and the home inspectors are required to do a keen inspection of the house.

Premium Home Inspections consist of a team of highly trained members who have specialized in property evaluation. We perform well yield testing, septic inspection, water sampling, and camera sewer inspection.


Our services

Our team of certified professionals thoroughly inspect the well and septic system and ensure that your family stays safe from contaminants and diseases.

  • Well Inspection

Following are some of the things our professionals look at while performing well inspection

  • Location of the Well- The well should be 15m away from any source of contamination only if the casing is watertight to a depth of 6m.

Otherwise, the well should be at least 30m away from contaminants, including fuel storage, septic system, sewage system, agricultural fields, and other toxins.

  • Record of the Well- The records of the well give a more clear idea about its location. Therefore, a copy of the good record is obtained from current homeowners to know the well’s location, date of drilling, pumping water level, and pump settings.

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  • Drainage System- The surface water needs to drain away from the well. The professionals look at the drainage system to ensure that water is not collecting around the good casing.
  • Cracks or Casing- The cracks in the well are also checked, and it is ensured that there are no cracks or settling of the good casing.

Premium Home Inspections also tests the quality of water from pH level, sulfur, and hardness. The water testing helps to know if any mineral or compound level is higher than the accepted concentration.

  • Septic Inspection

Following are some of the services that we provide in a septic inspection

Size of Tank- The tank’s conditions, including leaks, cracks, damage, and tank size, are checked.

Checking Water Level- The water level in the tank and clogging is checked

Checking Equipment- The mechanical equipment, including pumps, alarms, and aerators are checked to ensure they are in good condition.

Surface Drainage- Ensuring that surface drainage is directed away from the leaching bed

The damages, blocking, and leaks, and obstructions are also checked.


The well and septic inspection performed by the Premium Home Inspections team of experts helps you to identify these systems’ issues before you make a purchase. You can call us anytime and also contact us on the Our team also provides you an on-site written report. Make sure to call us before making the biggest purchase of your life.

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